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  • Paul Higgin

    Paul Higgin, IP Director


    • European Patent Attorney
    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • MA Physics
    • MSc Semiconductors

    Email: paul.higgin@patents.co.uk

    Paul leads the Hi-tech team. His clients include international blue-chip organisations, fledgling and spin-out companies and universities.

    Although Intellectual Property issues are often dauntingly complex, particularly in the area of high technology, Paul’s wealth of experience enables him to cut through the complex minefield of Intellectual Property issues and present clear business choices to his clients.

    Paul read natural sciences at Cambridge University majoring in Experimental and Theoretical Physics and then took a post-graduate degree in Semiconductor Science and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, London.

    Paul has over 15 years' experience in the Patent profession. During this time he has worked as a Patent Attorney drafting hundreds of Patent applications and Patent oppositions and also as Senior IPR Counsel at Nokia, where he was heavily involved in Patent licensing and litigation.

    Paul finds that clients value the high quality, prompt delivery and competitive prices provided by his team and also Paul’s commercial real-life experience and strategic insights. He has a very strong focus on pro-actively providing creative, relevant and understandable Intellectual Property services.

    Paul has particular technical expertise in: telecommunications, electronics and microelectronics, semiconductors, software and computer systems, nanotechnology and medical devices.

    Paul lives in Belper, Derbyshire, with his wife and young family.

    “One of my favourite inventions is the integrated circuit, which enables millions of electronic components to be integrated into a small piece of silicon. This invention not only enabled the technological revolution but has legal interest because there was a Patent dispute over who invented it - Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments or Robert Noyce of Fairchild Semiconductor.”

  • Michael Skinner

    Michael Skinner, IP Director


    • European Patent Attorney
    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • UK Trade Mark Attorney
    • European Trade Mark Attorney
    • MA Physics

    Email: michael.skinner@patents.co.uk

    Michael entered the profession in 1981 with a Physics degree from Oxford and undertook his professional training with one of the leading London firms. He qualified in the mid-80s and then decided to widen his horizons by moving to the Midlands at a time when many professions believed there was no life outside London. He joined Swindell & Pearson in 1986 and became a Partner in 1991.

    Since joining Swindell & Pearson Ltd, Michael has represented clients in Patent, Trade Mark and Design matters, these clients ranging from private individuals to large corporations. He has worked with a wide range of technologies, including sports accessories, agricultural equipment, retail and wholesale packaging, foundation systems for buildings, electrical, electronic and computer systems and software.

    Outside his business life, Michael has been a Scout leader for over 20 years. He is a keen sailor, is active in various different sports and has travelled the world supporting the British athletics team. He remains convinced that somewhere there must be a sport which could grant him British representative honours, if only he could find it.

    “It is difficult to choose a favourite invention from all of this - perhaps my favourite case is always my most recent successful one."

  • Robert Sales

    Robert Sales, IP Director


    • European Patent Attorney
    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • UK Trade Mark Attorney
    • European Trade Mark Attorney
    • BSc Exploration Science

    Email: robert.sales@patents.co.uk

    Robert joined the firm in 1985. A graduate in Exploration Science from the University of Nottingham, he became a partner in 1993. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, a Member of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys and a European Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney.

    Robert has considerable experience in assisting clients across a broad range of mechanical and chemical fields. In particular he has spent many years advising the pottery and ceramics industries in relation to all areas of Intellectual Property. He has primary responsibility for the firm’s Stoke-on-Trent office.

    Outside work Robert enjoys playing and watching football, including managing Swindell & Pearson Ltd Strollers FC, a very moderate five-a-side team. He also enjoys the outdoor life, and particularly any opportunity to ascend or descend mountains, whether on foot or on skis.

    “I enjoy a range of different inventions, and I never fail to be impressed by the jet engine and how it can lift me and others off the ground and transport us rapidly around the world. The ability of satellite navigation to follow me even into the smallest street in Stoke-on-Trent is also I believe a fine achievement”.

  • Nicholas Womsley

    Nicholas Womsley, IP Director


    • BSc (Hons), EPA, CPA, MITMA, ETMA
    • European Patent Attorney
    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • UK Trade Mark Attorney
    • European Trade Mark Attorney
    • BSc Biochemistry (1st Class Hons)

    Email: nick.womsley@patents.co.uk

    Nick began his career in Intellectual Property in 1989 joining the firm with a first class degree in Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield. He was awarded the 1995 prize for Patent drafting by the Charted Institute of Patent Agents. After achieving full qualification in both Patent and Trade Marks as separate disciplines, Nick spent a couple of years as an in-house Attorney in the Intellectual Property Department for the international biosciences company Zeneca (now AstraZeneca).

    Nick re-joined the firm as a Partner at the beginning of 1999. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, a Member of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, a European Patent Attorney and a European Trade Mark Attorney. He is also a member of INTA, PTMG, ECTA and Marques and has lectured to students of the profession on formal qualification courses.

    Nick has over 20 years of experience in assisting his clients in often complex and intricate intellectual property matters. His work is on a truly International scale involving the preparation, acquisition and enforcement of his clients’ IP rights around the globe. Nick has always held the belief that it is invaluable to develop a deep understanding of a client’s business so that his advice can be as tailored, relevant and valuable as possible. With such sound philosophy Nick has worked with the majority of his clients for many years, in disciplines as diverse as pharmaceuticals, composites, materials science, FMCG's, ceramics, confectionery and service industries. Nick enjoys his time outside of the office with his wife and two sons.

  • Kieron Taylor

    Kieron Taylor, IP Director


    • Higher Courts Litigation Certificate
    • Post Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Litigation
    • LLM (Post Graduate Degree) in Intellectual Property Litigation
    • UK Trade Mark Attorney
    • European Trade Mark Attorney
    • BA (Hons) Medieval & Modern History

    Email: kieron.taylor@patents.co.uk

    Kieron who lives in Derbyshire serves both the Sheffield and Derby offices. He qualified as a Trade Mark Attorney in the 2003 exams and has worked for the firm since 2007.

    Kieron’s interests include walking in the Peak District with his family, 17th Century History and his three cats. “I am particularly lucky living and working so close to such beautiful countryside in and around Sheffield and Derby“.

    Kieron is a Member of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, the International Trademark Association, various other professional bodies and is a Registered Trade Mark Attorney, a European Trade Mark Attorney and a Registered Designs Attorney.

    Kieron undertakes a wide variety of contentious and non contentious trade mark work especially at the UK Trade Mark Registry (UKIPO) where he handles both ex parte hearings and inter partes hearings, and at the Community Trade Mark Registry and overseas.

  • Christine Anglesea

    Christine Anglesea, IP Director


    • European Patent Attorney
    • UK Registered Patent Attorney
    • MSci Physics
    • BA Physics

    Email: christine.anglesea@patents.co.uk

    Christine graduated from Cambridge University in 2003 after obtaining an MSci in Physics and joined Swindell and Pearson the same year. She was promoted to IP director in 2011.

    Christine has substantial experience of preparing patent applications suitable for worldwide prosecution and of managing patent portfolios for multi-national corporations. As part of the hi-tech team her specialist areas of technology include telecommunications and computer implemented inventions particularly user interface technology and inventions relating to business methods.

    Outside work, Christine is a member of City of Derby swimming club. She has competed at national and international masters competitions and broken British records as part of a relay team.

    “A Patent which I find interesting is US6028990 which relates to a flux capacitor, although there is no mention of whether or not this particular flux capacitor makes time travel possible”.

  • Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison, IP Director


    • European Patent Attorney
    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • MSci (Hons) Physics with a year in Europe

    Email: scott.harrison@patents.co.uk

    Scott joined Swindell & Pearson Ltd in 2003 after obtaining a first class master’s degree in Physics from Imperial College London. He was promoted to IP Director in 2011.

    Scott’s client base includes SMEs and multinational corporations. His practice encompasses a number of fields of technology, including: software, electronics, optics, telecommunications and mechanical devices.

    Scott is committed to providing clear, understandable advice to his clients to enable them to achieve their commercial goals. He specializes in optimizing his clients’ patent protection and helping his clients to break into new markets.

    Scott is responsible for ensuring that the firm is kept abreast of changes in foreign patent law (for example, in the US, Japan, China and Korea). This makes him well placed to advise foreign attorneys on the nuances of European and UK patent law in a manner that they readily understand, helping them to optimize their clients’ patent protection in Europe and the UK.

    Outside work, Scott enjoys playing sport and travelling. At weekends he can often be found at Molineux Stadium, home to Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Scott has a good knowledge of Spanish, having spent a year studying physics at La Universidad de Cantabria in Spain.

    “One of my favourite inventions is the contact lens. It looks like such a simple object, yet it has taken a huge amount of research to produce a contact lens that can be worn for days or even weeks at a time without discomfort”.

  • Martin Terry

    Martin Terry, IP Director


    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • European Patent Attorney
    • MSci(Hons) Physics with Astrophysics

    Email: martin.terry@patents.co.uk

    Martin has been recommended in the 2014 edition of ‘The Legal 500’.

    Martin entered the patent profession in 2003 after obtaining a Masters degree (First Class) in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Bristol. He initially trained and professionally qualified with a leading firm of Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys in London before joining Swindell & Pearson in 2010. He was promoted to IP Director in 2013.

    Martin handles patent applications in a broad range of technologies including telecommunications and computer implemented inventions. He drafts and prosecutes patent applications before the UK Intellectual Property Office “UKIPO” and the European Patent Office “EPO” (and has attended Oral Proceedings, Appeals and Oppositions before the EPO). He also has extensive experience of international prosecution and working with foreign associates.

    Outside of work Martin enjoys: travel, walking, cricket, real ale and pottery.

  • Katy Fuggle

    Katy Fuggle, Associate


    • UK Trade Mark Attorney
    • European Trade Mark Attorney
    • BA Law (Hons)
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

    Email: katy.fuggle@patents.co.uk

    Katy joined Swindell & Pearson Ltd in 2008 and is a Trade Mark Attorney. Katy previously qualified as a Solicitor in 2003 and practised as a Solicitor before deciding to join a firm of trade mark and patent attorneys. As a result of this change of profession, Katy is not currently on the Roll of Solicitors.

    Katy works at both the Derby and Sheffield offices and is a member of both the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys and the International Trademark Association.

    Katy has substantial experience of trade mark matters, including conducting trade mark clearance searches, advising on brand strategy, filing trade mark applications, dealing with trade mark oppositions, invalidations and revocations, negotiating co-existence agreements and managing trade mark portfolios.

    Outside of work Katy enjoys salsa dancing, swimming and cycling.

  • Ian Whiley

    Ian Whiley, Associate


    • European Patent Attorney
    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • PhD Astronomy
    • MSci Physics and Astronomy

    Email: ian.whiley@patents.co.uk

    Ian has been recommended in the 2014 edition of ‘The Legal 500’.

    Ian joined Swindell & Pearson in 2008 after graduating from the University of Nottingham with a first class MSci degree in Physics and Astronomy followed by a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the same university.

    Ian works primarily in the field of electronics, telecommunications, software, aerospace and mechanical engineering but has experience in patents relating to a wide range of technology areas.

    Ian has a great deal of experience in managing multi-national patent families including the prosecution of patent applications in key areas such as the US, Europe, China and Japan. Ian works with clients ranging from individuals and SMEs to large multinational companies advising them on how to manage their patent applications to obtain the best possible scope of protection for their inventions.

    Outside of work Ian enjoys watching and playing most sports and playing the guitar. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and young family.

    “A patent I find interesting is US1781541 which is for a refrigeration system. It is not the subject of the patent that I find particularly interesting, rather the inventor. This refrigeration system was patented by Albert Einstein.”

  • Paul Chapman

    Paul Chapman, Associate


    • European Patent Attorney
    • Chartered Patent Attorney
    • BSc (Hons) Physics

    Email: paul.chapman@patents.co.uk

    As a graduate from Nottingham University, Paul joined GEC as an engineer working on the production and development of a number of electro-optical imaging devices.

    Paul is a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. He is experienced in drafting and prosecuting patents for a wide variety of technologies, in the fields of physics, mechanical devices and electromechanical devices.

    Outside of work, Paul has an interest in many sports and regularly takes part in organised runs. When his spare time is not consumed by DIY projects, Paul has enjoyed painting in oils for over twenty years.

    Born in Sheffield, one of Paul’s favourite inventions is stainless steel. “This material is so widely used and probably irreplaceable in today’s world. The invention’s story started in 1913 with one Sheffielder, Harry Brierley, and continued with another Sheffielder, W H Hatfield, who developed the 18/8 stainless steel still made today.”

  • Aaron Wood

    Aaron Wood, Associate


    • UK Trade Mark Attorney
    • European Trade Mark Attorney
    • LLB Law with French

    Email: aaron.wood@patents.co.uk

    Aaron began work in the field of intellectual property in 2001 and is a Registered Trade Mark Attorney and European Trade Mark and Design Attorney. Aaron joined Swindell & Pearson in 2013.

    Aaron is a member of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, serving on its Council and being assigned to the questions of the Higher Rights of Trade Mark Attorneys. He is a contributor to A User’s Guide to Trade Marks and Passing-Off (Bloomsbury Professional) and The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys’ Trade Mark Handbook. He is the author of a large number of articles in the legal and general press on intellectual property, has lectured on intellectual property to a number of institutions (including Kingston University, University of the Arts and Ravensbourne College) and has been interviewed by the BBC, Talksport Radio, Voice of Russia radio and the Financial Times on intellectual property matters.

    Aaron’s professional experience covers all industry sectors but notably includes fashion companies, the sports and entertainment industry and food and drink/FMCG. He has appeared in a number of cases as advocate, including before the High Court in the case of J & J Crombie v. Nutters (Holdings) Limited [2013] EWHC 3459 (Ch).

  • Richard Ellis

    Richard Ellis, Associate


    • PhD Materials Analysis
    • BSc (Hons) Engineering Physics

    Email: richard.ellis@patents.co.uk

    Prior to joining Swindell & Pearson Ltd in September 2008 Richard spent six years in industry designing and developing hardware and software for cutting edge scientific instrumentation. His work led to the patenting of advanced meteorological sensor systems.

    Richard has a first class degree in Engineering Physics, a PhD in Materials Analysis, carried out in collaboration with a major steel manufacturer, and an NVQ4 in Management.

    Richard has many years of experience in dealing with inventions in a wide range of technologies in the fields of physics, electrical and mechanical engineering and electronics from clients including individuals, universities, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations.

    Richard is committed to understanding his client’s commercial objectives and providing solutions to help meet those objectives.

    Outside of work Richard enjoys days out with his family, reading and playing football.

  • Simon Foster

    Simon Foster, Associate


    • PhD Organic Chemistry
    • BSc Biological Chemistry

    Email: simon.foster@patents.co.uk

    Simon joined Swindell and Pearson in May 2011 and he is currently training to become a qualified UK and European Patent Attorney.

    Before joining the company Simon gained a BSc in Biological Chemistry and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Leicester. He then completed a postdoctoral position at the University of Nottingham during which time he investigated chemical methods for capturing protein-protein interactions. Simon then worked as a material scientist in the rubber industry and more recently as a synthetic organic chemist in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Outside work, Simon enjoys long distance running and brewing real ale.

  • Tim Gilbert

    Tim Gilbert, Patent Advisor


    • MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
    • PhD Civil Engineering

    Email: tim.gilbert@patents.co.uk

    Tim is a member of the hi-tech team at Swindell & Pearson and is on track to qualify as a UK and European Patent Attorney.

    Prior to this Tim undertook a multi-disciplinary PhD in industrial aerodynamics at the University of Birmingham. He holds a 1st class MEng degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Birmingham. During this time he attained seven awards and honours based on his achievements in academia and industry, including the 2010 City of Birmingham Queen’s Silver Jubilee Engineering Award, as well as a shortlisting for the 2010 SET (Science Engineering and Technology) Award. Tim gained five months of Engineering consultancy experience working in a variety of sectors.

    Outside work, Tim most enjoys spending time with his wife, friends and exotic birds, playing guitar, and also making opportunities to practise his Finnish.

  • Robert Lambton

    Robert Lambton, Patent Advisor


    • BSc (Hons) Physics

    Email: robert.lambton@patents.co.uk

    Robert is a member of the Hi-tech team at Swindell & Pearson and is on track to qualify as a UK and European Patent Attorney.

    Robert graduated from Durham University after completing an Honours degree in Physics. He was captain of the University Cycling Team and a member of the British Cycling youth development programmes.

    In his free time Robert enjoys modern literature and a wide range of music from early delta blues to experimental electronic music and has an interest in modern art.

    “My favourite invention is the integrated brake and gear lever used on racing bicycles because before using them I had down-tube shifters for a number of years, which resulted in a lot of banged knees!”

  • Joe Baumber

    Joe Baumber, Patent Advisor


    • MSci Physics

    Email: joe.baumber@patents.co.uk

    Joe is a member of the Hi-tech team at Swindell & Pearson and is on track to qualify as a UK and European Patent Attorney.

    Joe gained a MSci in physics from the University of Birmingham prior to joining Swindell & Pearson. For his final year MSci project, Joe investigated the application of quantum mechanics in radio-wave communications.

    Outside of work, Joe enjoys fencing, cycling and long-distance running. Joe is also a keen artist and likes to read fiction and popular science books.

    “One of my favourite inventions has to be the steam engine. Not only did it spark the Industrial Revolution, but it also led to the discovery of the Laws of Thermodynamics, which have provided us with some of the most fundamental insights into how the universe works, and were regarded by Einstein as being so robust that they will never be overthrown by other physical theories.”

  • Natalie Dyer

    Natalie Dyer, Trade Mark Advisor


    • LLB (Hons) Law
    • ITMA Trade Mark Administrator course
    • CIPA Patent Administration course

    Email: natalie.dyer@patents.co.uk

    Natalie is a member of the Trade Mark Team at Swindell & Pearson and is training to qualify as a Trade Mark Attorney.

    After graduating from the University of Leeds with a Law (LLB) Honours degree, Natalie first worked within the private legal sector before joining Swindell & Pearson in 2012.

    Natalie previously worked as an IP Paralegal for the firm, gaining both the Certificates in Patent and Trade Mark Administration, before being promoted to the position of Trade Mark Advisor. Natalie is also a member of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.

    Outside of work, Natalie is a keen road and trail runner and mountaineer. Natalie also enjoys spending weekends walking in the countryside, kayaking, horse-riding and the more unusual sport of slacklining. Her other interests include music, theatre and modern classic literature.

  • Natasha Hybner

    Natasha Hybner, Trade Mark Advisor


    • LLB (Hons) Law
    • ITMA Trade Mark Administrator course
    • CIPA Patent Administration course

    Email: natasha.hybner@patents.co.uk

    Natasha graduated from Nottingham Trent University in July 2012 and joined our team as an Intellectual Property Administrator in October of the same year. Since starting here, she has worked her way up to become a Trade Mark Advisor after being promoted internally from an IP Paralegal.

    Natasha is currently training to qualify as a Trade Mark Attorney. As part of her training, she currently attends Queen Mary, University of London where she is studying to pass the Postgraduate Certificate in Trade Marks Law and Practice. After completing her final exams, she will begin her formal training at Nottingham Law School, to achieve the Professional Certificate in Trade Mark Practice.

    In her free time Natasha enjoys yoga, pilates and horse riding.

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