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Preparing for ‘Brexit’: Ensuring your Important Trade Marks are Protected in the UK and the EU

The UK has now triggered Article 50 and set in motion its departure from the EU. Whilst there is likely to be a great deal of activity, commentary and speculation surrounding Brexit in the coming months, it is important to remember that the jurisdiction of EU law will remain in force in the UK until our EU membership formally ends. In the meantime, we are closely monitoring the possible impact of Brexit on the relationship between UK and EU trade mark law and will be commenting regularly as matters develop.


Expansion of PCT International Patent Application System

The PCT international patent application system is ever popular. Recently released figures show yet another year-on-year increase in the number of PCT international applications being filed. Furthermore, there’s not only growth in the number of PCT filings, but also the number of member countries – Jordan has recently joined bringing the total number of countries in the PCT system to 152.


Swindell & Pearson Welcomes two new Trainee Patent Attorneys

Swindell & Pearson is delighted to announce that Michael Loadman and Tim Cole have joined the firm as patent advisors.


The UK Intellectual Property (IP) Office is offering grants of £2,600 for businesses interested in obtaining an IP Audit

In a bid to support UK innovation, the UK Intellectual Property Office has agreed to part-fund intellectual property audits. A business can pay £400 to receive a comprehensive audit of its IP assets to the value of £3,000.


UK to Ratify the UPC Agreement

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a proposed new court which will be open to all participating member states of the European Union (EU). Following the UK's vote to leave the EU (Brexit) there has been uncertainty as to whether the UK would ratify the UPC Agreement, which at present is a necessary step for the UPC to come into existence. Furthermore, whether the UK, as a territory, can fall under the jurisdiction of the UPC has been in doubt because this option is currently open only to EU member states. In a move which has removed at least some of the uncertainty, the UK has announced that it intends to ratify the UPC Agreement. It now seems likely that the UPC will come into existence by the end of 2017. There still remains a question mark over whether the UK, as a territory, can fall under the jurisdiction of the UPC, but it seems likely that the UK will be hoping to negotiate an agreement which allows this.

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