Our firm has been serving its clients for over 140 years. Our records indicate that the firm was established in 1878 by William Swindell. The first official register of patent attorneys did not appear until 1889 and identifies William as practising from Albert Street in Derby.

Back in those days the handling of patents was combined with other work and was largely confined to local clients. William ran the practice single-handedly until John Pearson became his assistant. After William’s death in 1936, John took over the practice. John remained in practice until the 1970’s. The firm’s name therefore embodies the two men that were responsible for its activities for most of its first century.

Putting this into perspective, our firm antedates the first commercial lightbulb (1879), the first modern bicycle (1885), the first motor car (1885) and the first zipper (1893)! Records indicate that the firm was involved in patenting a wide variety of inventions in the Victorian era, including bicycles, fishing rods, bottle openers, railway signalling apparatuses, tile presses, centrifugal pumps, mining equipment and brick-making apparatuses.

Our location in Derby has only moved twice since the original offices in Albert Street. Our second location on Queen Street is directly opposite Derby Cathedral and provided some spectacular views of ceremonies, processions and weddings. There was, however, a certain amount of disdain for the cathedral bells!

In 1973 the firm moved to Friar Gate in Derby where it is still based today. Since our arrival on Friar Gate we have expanded across three buildings; our 50+ staff now occupy 47, 48 and 49 Friar Gate.

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