As the home of the Industrial Revolution, the Midlands has provided our firm with the ideal environment in which to develop a long history and wealth of experience of working in a wide range of engineering disciplines since the firm was founded in 1878. We are proud of our engineering heritage. In the 19th Century, we supported innovators of the early rail industry. As new technologies and industries emerged, we expanded our provision accordingly, with a particular focus on the aerospace, automotive and construction sectors.

Today, our large engineering practice group supports innovation across all engineering sectors, and serves thousands of clients around the UK and abroad. Our sector specialisms include transportation, manufacturing, civil engineering, infrastructure and energy.

We have considerable experience of working with inventions involving the use of software in engineering, allowing us to meet the needs of our future-aware engineering clients. For example, we have been involved in protecting cutting edge technology associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous vehicles, Industry 4.0, 5G, the internet of things, and de-centralised computing.

We also have extensive experience of working in-house for the patenting teams of large engineering companies, where we have helped engineers to protect valuable intellectual property. For example, we have helped to protect not just complex innovations, but also innovations which had mistakenly been dismissed as “too simple” to patent.

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