The chemistry practice group at Swindell & Pearson works across all areas of chemical intellectual property, including the fields of advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, food technology, synthetic organic chemistry and polymer chemistry.

Our attorneys have practical chemical experience in industry and academia which, coupled with their extensive legal knowledge, enables them to provide valuable advice to multi-nationals, universities, SMEs and other research organisations.

Our chemistry specialists not only excel in drafting and prosecuting chemistry related patent applications, but are also well versed in drafting and prosecuting applications in other technical areas, such as innovations which have a mechanical and/or physical basis. This means that we are well positioned to assist chemical clients who also have inventions which span other technical disciplines.

We work hard to fully understand our clients’ business models and commercial aims so that we can provide a high-quality bespoke service that is specifically tailored to each client. We are always looking to ensure that our clients feel well informed and fully in control of their intellectual property portfolios.

Our attorneys are approachable and believe in open communication. We work closely with inventors to improve their awareness of intellectual property, and to help them provide the required level of detail for drafting robust patent specifications to protect their inventions. This often involves reviewing experimental results in order to enable us to provide the required level of proof to a patent examiner that an invention indeed solves the problem it purports to solve. Our approach increases the likelihood of a patent being granted, and makes the patents which are granted less vulnerable to invalidation.

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