We work with many global universities, including in the Russell Group. Our universities team has grown significantly on the strength of very positive client feedback.

For many universities, we operate as a full-service supplier with capabilities in every scientific discipline. Several other universities have appointed us as an extra supplier for areas where we are market-leading, notably in the field of tech where the innovations may lie near the borderline of what is and is not considered to be patentable (for example, computer software and business methods).

Our service levels and added-value activities are praised for being particularly strong. We respond to queries very promptly, work well in advance of deadlines, and visit very regularly to support the activities of tech transfer offices. 

Importantly, our team includes attorneys with PhDs and post-docs who are passionate to maintain their involvement with higher education institutions. 

We also act for many spinout companies, which we have supported from their formation through to achievement of multi-million-pound market capitalisation. We recognise that the quality of a spinout company’s intellectual property can be critical for obtaining investment, given that it often forms the majority of the value of the company. We have been praised by our spinout company clients for being particularly proactive, for example by helping them with licensing negotiations and discussions with investors.

In 2018 we were appointed to the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) framework allowing us to supply intellectual property (IP) services to its members and members of the other UK higher education purchasing consortia.

NEUPC is one of six UK higher education purchasing consortia. The NEUPC is made up over 20 members across the country and includes some of the UK’s leading universities.

How can we help?

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