Robert Lambton



  • European Patent Attorney
  • BSc Physics

Robert Lambton is an associate and member of the firm’s tech practice group. He supports start-ups, universities, and multinationals with drafting and prosecuting patent applications, handling many cases that either have been licensed or are intended to be licensed by his clients.

In addition to his principal work with European patent applications, Robert has extensively prosecuted patent applications in the US, China, and Japan and has managed post-grant patent proceedings in the US. His clients benefit from a patent drafting style that is well informed by nuances of patent law in these jurisdictions.

Robert enjoys his work in the fields of user interfaces, smart devices, software-oriented applications, and machine learning. In addition to the technologies themselves, he particularly enjoys tackling the varied legal challenges associated with these technologies in different jurisdictions.

In the past, Robert spent time working in-house for a multinational automotive company where he closely collaborated with manufacturing and research centres to identify patentable inventions and determine global patenting strategies. In his work today, he continues to prioritise close-working relationships with inventors and businesses, building an enduring mutual trust. Robert’s clients are able to rely on his thorough technical and commercial understanding of their inventions and appreciate his tenacious approach to delivering their desired results.

Prior to joining the firm, Robert won multiple national championships in cycling and these days entertains a more casual interest in mountain biking and rock climbing.