The world of tech continues to move at a fast rate, and our tech practice group moves with it. Fifteen years ago, our attorneys were working on key innovations that enabled the smartphone revolution, such as those in touch screen user interfaces, location services, LCD screens, third generation wireless telecoms, Bluetooth and camera miniaturisation, among others. Now you’ll find us working on artificial intelligence and machine learning, 5G, blockchain, Internet of Things, digital health, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology and virtual reality - to name but a few.

We set ourselves apart through our proactivity. Whether we’re managing a substantial patent portfolio for a tech multinational or working on a key technology for a start-up, we’re always looking for innovative ways to achieve the results that our clients desire.

Our attorneys are experienced at maximising the commercial benefits that patents can provide. That often involves mapping patent claims onto competitor products in the tech space for monetisation through licensing, and drafting high-value patent applications quickly for standards-related inventions.

We’re particularly experienced at helping clients protect innovations near the borderline of what is and is not considered to be patentable in the UK, Europe and beyond – for example in areas such as computer software and business methods.

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