Stephen Jackson



  • European Patent Attorney
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • PhD Physics
  • MSc (Hons) Physics
  • MPhys (Hons) Physics

Stephen is a member of the firm’s tech and engineering practice groups and he undertakes patent prosecution in a range of technologies including electronics, telecommunications, virtual reality and mechanical engineering. He has experience of patent prosecution in a number of countries including the US, China, Japan and Korea. Stephen’s client base includes multinationals, SMEs and individuals.

Before joining the profession, Stephen undertook a PhD in physics at the University of Sheffield, studying polymer deformation and fracture. As part of his PhD, Stephen made use of a wide variety of specialised equipment such as atomic force microscopes and electron beam lithography, including building pieces of equipment such as a torsional cantilever holder. Stephen also analysed the data and images collected using a variety of software.

Stephen also holds a first class master’s degree in physics from the University of Manchester for which he studied a broad program of courses in physics and other sciences. Stephen’s academic background has given him the ability to understand a wide range of different technologies.

Outside of work, Stephen enjoys running, cycling and walking in the Peak District. He also enjoys playing sports and cooking.