Darren Watters



  • European Patent Attorney
  • PhD Physics
  • MPhys (Hons) Physics

Darren is a member of the firm’s tech and engineering practice groups and he undertakes patent prosecution in a range of technologies, with experience in technical fields including telecommunications, electronics and mechanical engineering. He has experience supporting SMEs, international corporations and individuals with no prior experience of intellectual property.

Prior to joining the patent profession, Darren worked for a small start-up where he conducted R&D on organic and perovskite-based electronics, and provided technical support to researchers from around the world. This experience has provided Darren with an invaluable insight into some of the challenges start-up companies face.

Darren holds a PhD in physics from the University of Sheffield, studying organic photovoltaic devices. Throughout his PhD, Darren collaborated with colleagues at the University of Sheffield’s chemistry department, who synthesised novel polymeric materials. He was also heavily involved in training new masters and PhD students. Making use of a wide variety of specialised equipment such as solar simulators, x-ray and neutron synchrotrons, and atomic force microscopes, Darren co-authored ten peer-reviewed publications.

Darren also holds a MPhys degree in astrophysics from the University of St Andrews, studying a broad scope of courses in astronomy and physics, particularly quantum mechanics. Darren’s varied academic background has given him the ability to understand a wide range of different technologies.

Outside of work, Darren enjoys spending time with his young family in rural Derbyshire. He also enjoys music, reading (particularly Sci-Fi and fantasy), and watching various sports especially American football and ice hockey. He is a keen gardener and enjoys growing new varieties of chilli peppers, expanding his current collection of over 50 varieties.