Lucy Philip

Patent Advisor


MSci (Hons) Chemistry

Lucy is a member of the firm’s chemistry and engineering practice groups. Her work focuses on patent prosecution.

Before joining Swindell & Pearson, Lucy graduated from the University of Nottingham with a first-class master’s degree in chemistry, being awarded the Gillian Milne Memorial Prize and the Kipping Award for her performance.

Her MSci project, entitled “The Impact of Water on Lithium-Air Battery Degradation”, provided an opportunity to research next-generation battery technologies. Lucy’s previous research projects also involved palladium nanotube catalysis for cross-coupling reactions along with synthesis of a library of bi-aryl carboxylic acids and their derivatives through Suzuki-Miyaura coupling. These projects enabled her to develop her problem-solving ability and lateral thinking.

Away from the office, Lucy enjoys spending time with her family and friends and is often trying out new recipes for them to enjoy.