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IP Equip: the New Interactive Tool from the UK Intellectual Property Office

November 18, 2013

The UK Intellectual Property Office has recently expanded the support given to UK businesses by providing “IP Equip” – a free interactive e-learning tool aimed at businesses and their advisors. IP Equip includes 4 modules covering all areas of IP and contains case studies, questionnaires and advice.

By Tom Hansard on Monday 18th November 2013.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) provides information and support services aimed at everyone from the complete IP novice to IP professionals. Now the IPO has expanded this support with “IP Equip” – a free interactive e-learning tool aimed at helping businesses and their advisors identify assets which may be protected by IP rights. IP Equip includes four modules tackling the four areas of IP rights: trade marks, patents, designs and copyright. The modules include videos, case studies, questionnaires, information on costs and advice on how IP rights can be used to benefit a company. A section on disputes may prove particularly useful in summarising advice and alternatives to court action. Optional sections also provide additional information, enabling users to control the level of detail that they are presented with. Each module can be completed in around 25 minutes and completion provides access to a library of additional materials. IP Equip is available online here and via a free app for Android and Apple devices (available on the Android and iTunes app stores). The IP Equip app also provides access to the IPO news and Twitter feeds and the IP Insight newsletter. If you have any queries about intellectual property, you can reach Tom Hansard at [email protected].

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