Congratulations to Natalie Dyer

January 07, 2014

We are pleased to announce that Natalie Dyer has recently been promoted to the position of IP paralegal. Natalie joined the IP support team at Swindell & Pearson just over a year ago as an IP administrator. During her time here, Natalie has successfully passed both the CIPA Patent Administration Course and ITMA Trade Mark Administrators' Course.

Prior to joining the firm Natalie had attended the University of Leeds where she studied law and successfully gained her Law LLB. It was during her time studying at the University of Leeds that Natalie identified that a career in intellectual property was something she was keen to pursue. “As part of my law degree I studied intellectual property law and cyber law, from which I gained a broad knowledge of the various types of intellectual property protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Of particular interest to me was the commercial importance of intellectual property rights within business, economic and social contexts, and the relationship between what are essentially monopolistic rights and their role in fostering competitive markets. At Swindell & Pearson I have been able to witness first-hand how the laws surrounding intellectual property can be used to the advantage of clients’ commercial interests. My day-to-day involvement in the procedural aspects of IP law, alongside my completion of the CIPA and ITMA Administrators’ courses, has enabled me to broaden my knowledge and experience, which I am looking forward to developing further in the future.“ The firm's IP Manager, Leigh Veldeman, is encouraged by the progress shown by Natalie in her short time at the firm. “Natalie has done exceptionally well since joining the team here at Swindell & Pearson. A combination of hard work and positive attitude has really helped her and the team move forward.”

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