European Patent Office Divisional Fees

March 04, 2014

From 1st April, the rules relating to the filing of divisional applications at the European Patent Office and the fee structure associated with them are changing.

By Christine Anglesea on Tuesday 4th March 2014

From 1st April, it will be possible to a divisional application from any pending European application. The EPO has announced a new fee structure in which the application fee payable for a divisional application depends on whether the parent application is itself a divisional application. The fees payable depend on the generation of the divisional application and not the number of divisional applications filed within the family. Therefore, if an applicant were to file five divisional applications directly from one parent application, then so long as the parent application is not a divisional application, each of these would be treated as a first generation divisional application. A first generation divisional application does not incur any extra fee. However, if an applicant were to file a divisional application from a divisional application, then the applicant would have to pay an extra fee because this would be treated as a second generation divisional application. The amount of the additional fee for second and subsequent generations is as follows: - for a divisional application of the second generation: €210 - for a divisional application of the third generation: €420 - for a divisional application of the fourth generation: €630 - for a divisional application of the fifth and any subsequent generation: €840 Further details regarding these fees can be found at the EPO website here.

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