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Swindell & Pearson – Manifesto Analyses

April 30, 2015

Mahir Raoof provides a detailed manifesto analysis on each of the five main party’s manifestos seeking to identify their pledges and policies on areas of intellectual property and research and innovation.

On the 07 May, the UK will decide on who the county wants to form the next government against a wider backdrop of a global economic recovery. It seems increasingly unlikely that any single party will gain a majority and already coalition deals are being worked out – some even live on television. With the manifestos now released and meticulously scrutinised through, we thought we’d also get in on the act.

In a series of five articles, Swindell & Pearson’s Mahir Raoof will look at the main political parties to identify what the party pledges are towards the areas of intellectual property, research and development and innovation. Do the parties recognise the vital role that intellectual property rights play in driving the economy and what are they proposing to encourage a greater environment of innovation?

In addition, an analysis was conducted on how many times certain key words were mentioned throughout the entire manifestos. The words we looked for are as follows:

Intellectual Property



Trade mark




Innovation or Innovate

Engineering or Engineer

Manufacture or Manufacturer or Manufacturing

For the sake of impartiality, the articles will be published in party alphabetical order.

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