Location of EPO Appeal Oral Proceedings Subject to Last Minute Change

October 13, 2020

Owing to the need for physical distancing as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the location at which oral proceedings before the EPO Boards of Appeal are to be held may change at the last moment from premises in Haar to Munich (or vice versa) in order to find a suitable room.

Only a limited number of suitable rooms are available at the EPO Boards of Appeal premises in Haar and therefore some oral proceedings may have to be held in the Isar building in Munich instead. Similarly, some oral proceedings which have already been scheduled to take place on the Haar premises will be moved to the Isar building.

As a general rule, parties will not be sent a communication informing them of a change of venue or starting time. As such changes may take place at short notice. It is up to the parties to consult the online calendar approximately three days before their oral proceedings to check whether they will take place on the Haar premises or in the Isar building and when exactly they are scheduled to start.