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Swindell & Pearson joins Think Tank to Improve Diversity and Inclusion within the IP Community

November 16, 2020

IP Inclusive, CIPA and CITMA have brought together a select group of senior people from leading IP firms to form a high-level "think tank" to identify practical steps for making the IP community more diverse and inclusive.

IP Inclusive is a collection of individuals and organisations in the intellectual property (IP) sector who have come together to make the IP community more inclusive, diverse, open and fair.

IP Inclusive, along with the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA), gathered together a select group of senior leaders of IP practices to form a “diversity think tank” to explore how best to further improve Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the IP community.

Swindell & Pearson is one of the charter signatories of IP Inclusive, and one of our directors, Martin Terry, was invited to take part in the think tank. Martin commented “As part of the think tank, our aim is to support IP Inclusive and identify specific, practical actions that the IP professions can take to create positive changes for improving D&I for all. Raising awareness of the patent and trade mark professions among a wider range of potential recruits, in particular those in currently under-represented groups, was identified as one area of focus. In this regard, the think tank’s formation was timely as it was done shortly prior to the launch of ‘Careers in Ideas Week’ and its series of events for those considering a career in IP”.

Further details concerning the diversity think tank and its outcomes can be found here. Also, further details of “Careers in Ideas Week” (16 – 22 November 2020) can be found here.