John Richards



  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) Chemistry

John is a member of the firm’s chemistry and engineering practice groups. His work focuses on patent prosecution.

Before joining Swindell & Pearson, John graduated from the University of Liverpool with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry where his final research project involved the synthesis of nickel macrostructures using varying diamine ligands. Subsequently, John studied for a master’s degree in advanced chemical engineering at the University of Birmingham. This has provided John with a unique set of skills that can be utilised to help understand and pursue both engineering and chemistry related inventions.

John’s MSc project, entitled “Using PEPT to study the effect of tracer activity and material density on the uncertainty in positional measurements”, allowed John to combine his engineering and programming ability to simulate physical experiments in an efficient manner. John concluded the project by providing a new theory for a phenomenon within PEPT.

Due to his appreciation of activities that involve deep and lateral thinking, John enjoys studying and playing chess. He also enjoys a healthy lifestyle and loves to keep himself active by going to the gym or playing sports.