Nick Womsley

IP Director


  • Chartered Trade Mark Attorney
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • BSc (Special Hons) Biochemistry


  • 2024 Legal 500: Nick Womsley "provides an excellent service".
  • 2023 Legal 500: Recommended Individual.
  • 2022 WTR 1000: Nick Womsley "has spent 30 years teasing out the knots of cross-border IP matters, and is a master of bending the law to his will".
  • 2022 Legal 500: Nick Womsley has a "keen intellect with an encyclopaedic knowledge of IP matters".
  • 2021 Legal 500: Nick Womsley is "personable, professional, knowledgeable and grounded in the real world".
  • 2020 Legal 500: Recommended Individual.
  • 2019 WTR 1000: "An experienced IP asset manager, business strategist and disputes resolver. He has a mind like a steel trap and is a diligent practitioner who pulls out all the stops for his clients".
  • 2019 Legal 500: "A very experienced and knowledgeable senior IP lawyer".
  • 2018 WTR 1000: "A deft handler of complex trademark portfolios'' and ''A top-class leader of the team".
  • 2018 Legal 500: "Very good at communicating legal terminology into easily understood English and explain everything clearly and precisely, without ambiguity".
  • In 2018, Nick was recognised as one of Derbyshire’s ‘captains of industry’ and most inspirational business people.
  • 2017 Legal 500: "Clients are routinely impressed by industry knowledge and ability to do the work".
  • 2016 Legal 500: "Very professional and friendly".

As an IP director and leader of the firm’s trade mark practice group, Nick is a chartered UK trade mark attorney, a fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and a European patent attorney. He is also a member of various IP professional organisations including INTA, PTMG, ECTA and Marques.

With 30 years of assisting his clients in complex and intricate intellectual property matters, Nick has a wealth of experience that his clients benefit from on a daily basis. His clients continually test the existing boundaries of intellectual property law, particularly in the area of trade marks and allied rights. This ensures that Nick and his team stay right on top of their game, not only in the ever-developing intellectual property law itself but in how these laws can help, protect and integrate with constantly evolving business practices and e-commerce environments.

Nick’s work is on a truly international scale, involving the preparation, acquisition and enforcement of his clients’ IP rights around the globe. Having filed many hundreds of applications, fought countless oppositions, revocations, cancellations and legal actions, and negotiated hundreds of settlement and licence contracts for his clients over the years, he brings an unsurpassed wealth of experience and pragmatism that his clients have come to expect and respect.

Nick has always held the belief that it is invaluable to develop a deep understanding of a client’s business so that advice can be as tailored, relevant and valuable as possible. This sound philosophy has meant that Nick has worked with the majority of his clients for very many years.

Outside work, Nick enjoys a game of badminton and indulging his passion for motor cars.