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Trade Marks get an Indian Summer

September 24, 2013

India has recently joined the Madrid system of trade mark registration, making it far more affordable and quicker to register your trade mark in India – a country with great opportunity as a market and also for manufacture. This change makes the prospect of protecting your mark in India far more achievable, but also the prospect of a third party registering in India that much greater too. Is it time to ensure your mark is registered in India?

India joined the Madrid Protocol on 8 July 2013. The Madrid system is an international treaty providing those who would like to protect their trade marks in a number of countries with a cost effective way of doing so. In the case of India, there is a further bonus in that the application may proceed more quickly; this is a key consideration if the mark is one which may be copied, since having the mark fully registered will allow you to take any necessary action. In the past we have found that the application procedure in India can take a number of years and so quick action has not always been possible. One result of India joining the Madrid Protocol is that it may be possible to obtain a registration in India in less than 18 months. When you also consider the reduction in cost, now may be the right time to check whether your mark is available in India and to obtain that registration. If you would like us to check whether your mark is available in India, and if you are interested in protecting your mark in India, then please contact your usual trade mark contact at Swindell and Pearson or Aaron Wood at [email protected]

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