Microsoft and Scuf Agree Patent Deal Linked to Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

October 27, 2015

Scuf Gaming, a developer and vendor of customised gaming controllers for PC and games consoles, has signed a patent deal with Microsoft ahead of the release of Microsoft’s new Elite Wireless Controller for the Xbox One.

Scuf Gaming is a vendor of customised gaming controllers for PC and games consoles such as the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Scuf Gaming focuses directly on professional and “hardcore” gamers by providing customised controllers, built in accordance with a specification set by a gamer, to improve gamer performance.

Microsoft has released the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for the Xbox One, a £120/$150 controller built with premium and customisable components that is also targeted towards professional and hardcore gamers. Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has a number of features that are not found on the conventional Xbox One controller, including interchangeable thumbsticks, an interchangeable D-pad, removable paddles and hair trigger locks.

Scuf Gaming has announced that it has entered into a licensing deal with Microsoft to provide Microsoft with access to its intellectual property and specifically its patents and patent applications. Under the terms of the deal, Scuf Gaming will become the exclusive third party accessories partner for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

Interestingly, Scuf Gaming’s patent applications have been filed in the name of a UK company, Ironburg Inventions Ltd. Provided that the relevant criteria are met, Ironburg Inventions Ltd may be able to benefit from the Patent Box system in the UK, which could potentially reduce the Corporation Tax that is due on applicable profits to just 10%.

If you have any queries on the above article or simply wish to play Xbox with the author, he can be reached at [email protected]. Scott is an IP Director at Swindell and Pearson and divides his time between Derby and Wolverhampton.